Welcome to The Society….

In a world where humans fight for peace and a refusal to conform to the status quo is potential cultural suicide, Lawrence Jameison Parker lives to die. Increasing in necessity as the sun sets on many an empire, some form of rebellion has become the only option for those hoping to preserve their individual liberty, and LJP IS no exception. Compelled to create by a force still unknown, Lawrence Jameison Parker chooses to convey emotion and messages using form and color with acrylics on canvas. LJP has also recently begun creating poems inspired by his original paintings, as a way to give those who appreciate his work a more cohesive understanding of the message being conveyed. The Society of Rebel Soldiers is the material personification of LJP’S personal dedication to the individuality that lies in every human as well as the creative incubator for the emotions, curiosity, pain, dreams, nightmares, and prophecies that are a part of his life as a human in the 21st century.