I will be sharing original poems that were inspired by my original paintings…..and this is the first


diagnose the condition
add the treatment to my bill
treat me like a politician
2 hands 2hands….go ahead get your fill
no details for this mission
butterfly blindfold…..better get your thrill
no pain just gifts of submission
feel free, just take what you will
eat up eat up…get your  nutrition
they don’t see gold……but you wanna drill
torture now a treat
cups overflowing……but you never spill
show them abandon…show them bliss…show them skill
show them theres a body
show them theres a heart
show them theres a man……….who knows how to feel
show them to the grey room
for there are programs to instill
show them water and set them free
fearful fish always find the reel
fuck your fragmentation
all I want is now
no life in anticipation
or reality to steal
cut me into pieces before I make you cry
for there are far too many layers for you to peel
red carpets all around
may i never heal

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